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39 Data Visualization Tools for Big Data | ProfitBricks Blog

Big Data is more valuable when visualized and analyzed

Data visualizations are everywhere today. From creating a visual representation of data points to impress potential investors, report on progress, or even visualize concepts for customer segments, data visualizations are a valuable tool in a variety of settings. When it comes to big data, weak tools with basic features don’t cut it. The following 39 tools (listed in no particular order) are some of the best, most comprehensive, sophisticated-yet-flexible visualization tools available — and all are capable of handling big data.

Many of these tools are Open-Source, free applications that can be used in conjunction with one another or with your existing design applications, using JavaScript, JSON, SVG, Python, HTML5 or drag-and-drop functionality with no programming required at all. Others are comprehensive business intelligence platforms capable of sophisticated data analysis and reporting, complete with a multitude of ways to visualize your data. Whether you need to analyze data and determine the best ways to present it to clients or partners, or you have a visual layout in mind and need a tool to bring your concept to life — there’s a tool on this list to serve your needs.

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing – IaaS – Optimized for Big Data

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing –  IaaS is the best platform for all of your big data workloads and projects.  Every cloud server instance has dedicated CPU cores, dedicated RAM and 80Gbps connections between servers and servers and storage – enabling the best price/performance ratio on the industry.  With predictable performance, low latency, your jobs will finish in record time – every time.   Trust your next big data work load with ProfitBricks.  Try us for free with our 14-day free trial. Signup today – no credit card is required.

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